The Conjugate Method

Our powerlifting program is for those seeking purely and solely, STRENGTH. We use the most intelligent and proven training system in the world - the Conjugate method, from the mecca of strength, Westside Barbell. This training is about power, strength, and above all else, commitment.

The program is based around the 3 main lifts, the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. While building technique and skill on the 3 main lifts, we customize accessory movements to each individual based on their individual weaknesses or imbalances; we are only as strong as our weakest link! The Conjugate method is an aggressive attack on physical and mental weaknesses. We leave no stone unturned in our constant hunt for self improvement. This program will make you as strong as possible while building mental tenacity. Your week consists of 5 days of training total, split with 2 lower body days (Mon/Thurs) and 2 upper body days (Tues/Fri). Wednesday is special exercises day, with an emphasis on mobility and restorative work. You will also do additional tricep/bicep accessories and strengthen personal weaknesses. Keep in mind, we all have to start somewhere; at REV Barbell Club we are here to coach you every step of the way, from your first day learning to squat an empty barbell, to your first 200, 300 or 500+ lb squat, you will be guided and supported by your peers and your trainers every step of the way.

Sample Week


  • 1RM back squat + 25% of last 1RM in hanging chains
  • 3x8 reps KB front squat
    3x7 reps barbell GM
    4x5 banded GHD hamstring curl
    3x25 reverse hyper
  • sled pull/farmer walk 70m at bodyweight on sled - 5 rounds with 2 minute rest
  • Abs/Core work


  • 1RM swiss bar bench press + black bands
  • 3x10 straight bar incline press (close grip)
    4x8 reps strict shoulder press
    3x10 single arm supported rows
    3+ sets of both bicep, tricep and deltoid isolation movements and abs
  • 3x50 banded face pulls
    3x20-30 band pullaparts


  • 12x2 speed squats @ 70% of 1 rep max (2 reps every 30-45 seconds for 12 rounds)
  • 3x8 anderson front squats
    3x16 walking front rack lunges
    3x12 RDL
    3x10 seated GM
    2x50 rep max KB swing
  • 3 prowler sprint rounds - increasing weight each round with 1, 2 and 3 minute rests
  • 200 banded hamstring curls


  • 9x3 speed bench press reps @ 70% of most recent 1 rep max
  • top set 8 rep max close grip bench press
    3x12 reps incline dumbbell press
    3x15 reps weighted dips
    3x12 reps reverse grip barbell row
    5x10 reps chest supported KB row
    3x5 reps weighted pullups
    4x12 reps tricep tate press
    3x12 reps EZ bar skull crushers
    3x20 reps band pushdowns
    3x12 reps bicep hammer curls
    3x10 reps seated dumbbell curl
  • 3x25 reps KB suitcase swings
    4x20-30 reps band pullaparts
    Abs/Core work

With correct volume, the smaller muscle groups can be worked every 12-24 hours but the main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) are given 72 hours between workouts. Thursday is the second lower body day, 72 hours since your max effort workout on Monday. While Monday had very low volume / high intensity (1rep max), Thursday has very high volume / low intensity (12x2@70% of Mondays 1RM). This is the dynamic effort method where we apply maximal force to sub maximal weight. This method develops speed strength and is imperative in the development of a powerful squat/deadlift, explosive jump, or sprint. The objective is to squat/deadlift with the concentric speed of .8 meters/second to 1 meter per second with 70, 75 and 80% of the athletes 1 rep max in a 3 week pendulum wave.

Friday, 72 hours since your last upper body workout on Tuesday, and your last big workout before the weekend! Friday is dynamic effort day for the bench press with the same concept as Thursdays lower body speed squats. The athlete will perform 9x3 speed presses with roughly 70% of their last 1 rep max performed with a straight bar. It is imperative to log each workout and track all main lifts and accessories. The percentages for speed work are based off of the athletes raw main lift with no variation. Since we are always changing the variation of the main lifts through various bars, grips, floor press, as well as accommodating resistance such as bands and chains, the athlete must log all lifts and be able to quickly access the exact number to base percentages from.

The following week will have a different variation of the main lift (e.g., week 1 was a 1RM back squat with chains, week 2 is a front squat to a box for a 3RM), and so on. This is the rotation of exercises that makes the Conjugate system so unique. We train a wide variety of lifts that keep the body guessing, avoids plateaus, and builds joint mobility and full range of motion.