Here are a few gym rules we adhere to at CrossFit 250 that best reflect our gym’s culture and allows us to maintain a fun, safe, clean, and respectful training environment for everyone in our community. These are just some of the common areas to cover, but it pretty much comes down to safety, common courtesy, and respect for others and our equipment.


  • Welcome New Members. You were once the new kid on the block. Remember when you didn’t know what an AMRAP stood for or where the Abmats were located? Our community is what sets us apart from any other gym. Please introduce yourself to newer members and help them get acquainted with our community. Who knows - they may just become your new training bestie!
  • No One Left Behind. Your WOD isn’t finished until the last member in your class is finished. If you complete your workout before someone else, find someone who hasn’t finished and cheer them on. We guarantee there will be a grueling WOD in your future where you will be the last one standing and you may just welcome that extra push or cheer to get you through it.
  • Safety

    • Respect Our Coaches. Please pay attention when the Coach is explaining the workout and the movements. We ask that you refrain from loading barbells, grabbing equipment, practicing movements or discussing what you had for lunch when the coach is talking. While you may have heard the instruction for a deadlift one thousand times, it may be the first time for the person standing next to you. Besides you may just learn something new and it could be what separates you from your next PR!
    • Don’t Load Up Early. Please do not load or place weight on your barbell until you are told to do so by the coach. Trust us, you will be asked to remove the weight from your barbell.
    • Scaling is Not for Sissys. Please do not argue with the coach if they ask you to scale your weight or movement. They are trying to keep you safe and moving effectively and efficiently through the workout. A coach will stop any workout or activity if it is deemed unsafe at any time.
    • No Ghostriding. Please control your barbells or any weight you are moving. Do not drop lightweight barbells or empty bars. This is called Ghostriding and while you may feel cool doing it, we guarantee you won’t feel cool when your barbell hits your neighbor. So please don’t do it. Barbells should only be dumped for safety purposes and out of necessity. We will give you one warning, after that your session is over.

    Equipment and Facility

    • Clean Up After Yourself. Wipe down your equipment and keep your bodily fluids off the equipment. Pick up your tape, notebooks, water bottles, clothing and gear. Put away all the equipment you used back where it belongs. Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars in the racks, stack the plates in order, and hang up your jump ropes. We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest gyms in the area. Please help us keep it that way. Set the example and others will follow.
    • Keep the Bathrooms Clean. We don’t expect you to be janitors. Just do the simple things like making sure your paper towels and tape end up in the garbage can. If you splash water all over the floor, wipe it up. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.
    • Don’t Drop Empty Barbells or Kettlebells. Please do not drop kettlebells or a barbell without weight or when stripping weight off the barbell. This causes serious damage to our very expensive barbells. Plus every time an empty barbell is dropped a kitten dies.
    • Chalk Stays in the Buckets. Again, chalk stays in the buckets. It is not magical fairy dust, so please use it sparingly. If you cannot follow this rule, you will be directed to the closet where the mop and bucket reside to clean up your mess.
    • Training

      • Be coachable. Everyone needs a coach! If you need help, ask for it. The coach is there to help make you better.
      • Check your ego at the door. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable! Challenge yourself and continue to progress through scaling options until you can execute full range of motion (ROM). This stuff takes time so be patient, have fun and push yourself and others to become better. And please don’t take yourself so seriously - it's only CrossFit.
      • Learn to Count. Please do not Cheat. It’s awkward when you do and evident to everyone around you. Try to complete every rep with good form and full range of motion no matter the time it takes you. Train with Integrity and the results will come! If you lose count, the next number should always be 1.
      • Have Standards. Always use full range of motion and train to the standard we teach. Just because you can do Rx weights doesn’t mean you always should.
      • Be accountable to yourself. Track your goals, nutrition, workout times, and PRs. Celebrate your accomplishments!
      • Respect

        • The REV team has worked extremely hard to provide the members the best training facility they can, and as a result we expect the members to treat the equipment with respect as well as the Coaching staff and all of the members. We understand that equipment has a natural life cycle, and will receive wear and tear over the course of being used, but abuse of the equipment that causes damage to the equipment or the facility in any way will be assessed at replacement value and the cost passed onto the member who caused it.
        • REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250 assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles. We do our best to reunite clothing and items left behind with their owners, but we ask that you use a gym bag or keep things with you during your workout.
        • Collars must be used on barbells at all times.
        • Clients shall pay for any damages to REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250’s property which results from the willful or negligent conduct of client or client’s guest.
        • Be respectful of time…everyone has busy lives; please do not make a habit of showing up late to the class time. It is recommended to show up 5-10 min before class time. If you are more than 10 minutes late for the start time of a class, you will not be allowed to join the current class. It is disruptive to the other members and the coach.

        Asshole Clause

          We take our community very seriously. Any member who demonstrates behaviour that is in any way deemed by the owners to be destructive to the REV community may have their membership terminated without warning. Things that might be construed as destructive:

        • Behaviour that is egotistical, belligerent or abusive to members or staff.
        • Talking when the coaches are trying to teach. People pay good money to be here, so don’t ruin it for others by being distracting.
        • Marketing or soliciting products of any kind, inside or outside of the gym.
        • Demonstrating behaviour that is in any way a conflict of interest to REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250.
        • Bullying or bully like behaviour to other members.
        • Disregard for the rules and policies set in place by REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250.
        • We reserve the right to refuse service.

        Member Policy

        • Monthly memberships are a rolling contract. The minimum membership length is 1 month. All monthly fees must be paid in full, regardless of usage. There is no refund in whole or in part. Memberships are non-transferrable.
        • If you pay for a month and cannot attend, you are not entitled to a refund or extension. You are free to upgrade your membership from month to month by choosing and paying for a different package.
        • Under the monthly membership, the member is allowed to put their account on hold for up to 1 month at no cost, once per calendar year.
        • Monthly memberships entitle the member to have full use of their purchased REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250 services as long as their payments are up to date. The current rates are only secured for the duration of the term of their current membership, and REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250 reserves the right to increase membership fees at any time, and upon the renewal period of the membership, the new rates would then apply.
        • All memberships and passes must be paid in advance of service. You cannot attend a class without paying for your membership or pass beforehand (No pay, no play).
        • Students must provide a current, valid photo ID to receive any discounts.
        • Drop In’s must be paid prior to the class. There are no refunds. Drop In fees are only discounted if member currently holds a month pass and is attending an extra day.

        Class Schedule

        • REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250 reserves the right to change or cancel classes as needed.

        Personal Training

        • All private training sessions booked require 24 hours notice from the member for cancellation to avoid being billed in full for the session. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the full amount of that session will be charged to the member.

        Exceptions Policy

        • Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the REV Barbell Club and CrossFit 250 owners.