New to CrossFit

If you are new to CrossFit, you will have to complete our Intro Sessions (referred to as “onramp”) to teach you all key movements prior to jumping into the regular group classes. This introduction will allow you the best opportunity to enter the regular CrossFit classes well equipped to handle everything we do. During these sessions, you work one on one with one of our coaches to get personalized instruction on each of the barbell and kettlebell movements (and various other technical movements). We do this to ensure that you know the safest way to perform the movements, the purpose of the movements and to get you moving with good habits to ensure long-term success. Our focus is to set you on the right path from the start, so you can achieve the most success possible.

Step 1 - Intro Session(s)

All training at CrossFit 250 begins with our Intro Sessions. You will be introduced to the gym and box etiquette, gain familiarity with the foundation movements using barbells and kettlebells, discuss your goals with the coaches, and get a feel for the workouts. These Intro sessions allow you to develop and reinforce proper fundamental techniques and develop at a pace suitable for your fitness level. Your coach will work with you to ensure you have all the skills, knowledge and abilities you need to move into our Foundations program.

In the class, you will not be thrown in head first. A specific version of the workout will be assigned to you, and it will be modified to reflect our assessment with you as well as your goals. The benefit with doing the Intro sessions is that it allows us to address your individual needs, deficiencies, weaknesses and injuries before you are in a larger group class. Everybody needs to work at a different pace, and we want to keep you injury-free to increase your longevity.

Once new members are able to demonstrate proficiency in the basic movements you can sign up for a monthly membership. This usually requires 1-3 Intro Sessions, depending on the individual. We will also discuss indivdiual mobility work to keep your body happy and healthy, and answer any nutrition questions you may have.

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Step 2 - CrossFit Foundations

Once you’ve completed your Intro Session(s), you can join our CrossFit Foundations program. Here you will continue to build your base of strength and conditioning, while advancing your skills in other areas, such as gymnastics, kettlebells, and Olympic lifting. We write a new program each day, and our experienced trainers adjust that workout for each person. You will work at your level, along side of other members. The class will include detailed instructions, a thorough warm-up and a workout.

The classes begin with a warm-up, followed by strength and tech work, and usually finish with a CrossFit WOD. Because we always have two coaches per class, some of our classes combine Foundations members with more advanced CrossFit members. Our friendly members each started with no experience at all, so they know exactly how you feel.

Step 3 - Be Part of The Community!

Your journey doesn’t stop once you join us as a member. In fact it’s only the beginning. The workouts will be hard but also be extremely rewarding. Our community trains hard and plays hard, CrossFit 250 is more than a gym. It’s a lifestyle.