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We are dedicated to helping people reach new heights in their health and fitness. We provide optimal training programs for everyone from the beginner up to the advanced athletes. The training is challenging, exciting, and produces results. We believe in building a solid foundation using safe and efficient movement with proper technique. We implement quality programming and pride ourselves on the community we have built. We do our best to help our members not only build strong, mobile and healthy bodies, but also, the mental fortitude and drive that gets these results. We take the time to break down the movements and use appropriate progressions for each person in order for them to improve every day, and progress toward their goals. There's nothing more rewarding than watching one of our members go from the mindset of “I can't do that” to the moment where they realize “I can!”. The community at CrossFit 250 is the heart of our program; it brings together individuals from all ages, backgrounds and levels and unites them as a solid team of support. CrossFit 250's inspiring environment and the team's belief in each other to keep improving is infectious and empowering. We are centrally located at the Hwy 3A/6 junction, making our programs easily accessible to the Nelson, Castlegar/Trail, and the Slocan Valley areas.

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  • Unlimited - $175 / month
  • 3x / week - $140 / month
  • Drop In - $20 / class

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